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Friday night and Sundays starting in May 2018. We will send invites for you to our Go CreolePop-up Dining Events. You can try out our newest creations or your old favorites, such as Fried Catfish, Hot Garlic Crab, Seafood, Homemade Tamales, Lobster Mac N' Cheese and more.  Our Blue Bayou Lemonade goes perfect with any meal is included. 

Prices vary, but start at $15 p/p in most instances. Sign-up via email at Carolyncreokitch@aol.com

Cucumber, Tomatoes & Red Onion Salad
(Duhon Family Style)

Creole And Soul Food Catering in oakland and Emeryville

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Seashell Pasta Salad Topped w/Smoked Salmon
Hot & Spicy Garlic Crab
(Real Garlic & Butter) 

Carolyn's Creole Kitchen

​Carolyn's Screamin'
Mac & Cheese
Catfish Fillet

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CCK's Partial list of events & available services:

Please request our menus at CarolynCreoKitch@aol.com:

  • Hot Garlic Crab anyone?  Well, the Dungeness Crab season is coming again soon and we are working on hosting dinners and Grab and Go events from December 2017 through April 2018. Send us a quick message to let us know that you want to be added to our email list for these and other CCK events..
  • We are also available for your holiday celebrations in 2017, as well as Birthdays, Anniversaries,  graduations, wedding receptions and more.. With CCK's help, you can have fun, too, when WE prepare your meal. setup and cleanup for your Company and/or Family events.
  • ON THE NIGHT SHIFT?  Let us plan regular delicious menus for delivery to your work group 
  • Call us for your Non-Profit Events

Send all email Inquiries to:  Carolyncreokitch@aol.com

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Let CCK prepare your Outdoor BBQ and Other Summer Meals

Give CCK a call and let us help you get ready to sharing a fun day together with your company, or family celebration.  For non-profit groups, we will help invite your guests to support you over a great meal.  Call us at 510-464-2928 or 510-725-2070 to discuss today.  Now is a great time to get started.  

Join forces with CCK and let the net proceeds help you grow and support your valuable programs.